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As a Debt Relief Agency the Law Offices of Todd S. Dion provides the highest level of assistance when contemplating the possibility of filing for bankruptcy.  Whether considering a liquidation of your assets to obtain complete relief of your debt obligations under a Chapter 7 or a reorganization and restructuring of your debt under a Chapter 13, the Law Offices of Todd S. Dion takes a hands on and personal approach to bankruptcy by thoroughly evaluating all aspects of your financial situation in order to protect your assets through Bankruptcy exemption laws and ensure that bankruptcy is the best option for you to move on with a fresh start.

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The recession of 2009 effected millions of good hard working people in the United States and to this day many are still recovering from its’ residual effects.  As a result, a very common situation Attorney Dion has encountered is when his clients are “underwater” with their mortgage obligations.  Ie. Their mortgage balance is much higher than the fair market value of their property.  For homeowners or former homeowners facing this problem Attorney Dion has incorporated several proven strategies to combat the complications that may result from a significant deficiency balance on their mortgage that may follow them for the rest of their lives.  One of these proven strategies is bankruptcy.  Most people are unaware that it is very possible to file a Chapter 7 and obtain a discharge of the underlying debt on a mortgage while still maintaining the ownership of their homes with a favorable loan modification.  In fact, the bankruptcy court of the State of Rhode Island has implemented a program specifically designed for this purpose.  Attorney Dion has many clients who were able to obtain a discharge on their debt while at the same time obtaining a loan modification that fit into their budget.  If considering bankruptcy as an option do not hesitate to call Attorney Dion and ask if after a through review of your situation bankruptcy is a good option for you.