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Secure Your Loan Modification With Our Assistance

If your home is in foreclosure, there may be other options available to you that can help you keep ownership of your property. A loan modification changes your existing loan and can result in new terms with lower payments, lower interest rates, and might save your home from foreclosure. Call the Law Offices of Todd S. Dion today.

Take advantage of the help we offer to try and work out a deal involving refinancing or a loan modification with your lender. You can take steps to prevent your home from being foreclosed on, make the right choice and get us on your side today.

Prevent a foreclosure of your home

  • Sending legal notices

  • Filing necessary legal documents

  • Attending court appearances

  • Quality work available for a reasonable price

Let us handle your loan modification

Read about how we can help you protect yourself against foreclosure and eviction now.

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